We lost our gigs.

In the wake of this Covid-19 Pandemic, we have lost our gigs. Us the entertainers, the musicians, the photographers, the writers, the performers, the artists, the creatives; the cultural founders of society. We have been postponed and canceled so we made a podcast to bring together our community. Showcasing creatives from the NJ, NY, NYC, CT, & PA areas. A podcast hosted by Remi Leibovic and Produced by Dane Wagner. Our newest addition to the team is our Intern Devon Gohde.

Gig-less is an award winning Podcast, in May of 2020 we were awarded the Writers Prize from the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair University. Upon winning this award we have been described as “A commendable model of creative, ethical, and socially responsible thinking regarding the challenges facing our immediate community.”

We have also been featured on the #TogetherNJ project by nj.com, one of New Jersey State’s largest local news sources. Click here to read the article

Meet the Gig-less crew!

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