Season 2 Episode 12: Ædan

About Ædan:

Eccentric composer and performer ædan (b. 1993) (BMI) writes music that has been described as “quirky,” “whimsical,” “other-worldly,” and “honest.” A lover of all music, ædan (they/them) is influenced by electronic, pop, rock, folk, indie, new age, world, jazz, and experimental music. Their unique interpretations make them a sought-after composer, songwriter, and collaborator.
They are a keyboardist, harpist, vocalist, and songwriter of their original music and perform throughout the tri-state area. They have studied under great composers and performers such as Duo Scorpio’s Kathryn Andrews, Columbia University’s David Fulmer, Manhattan School of Music’s Mark Pakman, and Dr. Kyle Blaha and Tim Muathe of The Juilliard School. From 2013-2015, Ædan participated in the New York Youth Symphony Composition Program, and has been invited to numerous composition festivals and conferences. In 2016, they were commissioned by Morris Arts for the original score of The Gateway Totem Project, and two pieces throughout 2017-2018 by the Young Artist’s Harp Seminar in Ohio and Georgia. In 2019, Ædan was honored with a grant from American Harp Society, Inc. to write for both world renown musicians, harpist Merynda Adams and violinist Christopher Collins Lee. Ædan has their Bachelor of Music in Theory & Composition from the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University and is a member of the New York Songwriters Circle and American Harp Society.
In 2020, they released their debut album “caged” with Boston-based producer Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Recordings. They have collaborated with countless amazing musicians and artists throughout the country and strive to unify relatable, thoughtful, accessible music through composition, performance and education. They currently reside in north New Jersey.

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